Senior Commercial Development Manager & Support Roles

International airport operator, developer and contractor seeking a Senior Corporate Development Manager. The selected candidate will collaborate with and report to the Head of Corporate Development for North America, will be responsible for originating, developing and executing new business opportunities at U.S. and Canadian airports.

1.  Assisting the Head of Corporate Development, North America in:

  • developing a network of relationships at airlines, airports and airports owners
  • identifying new investment opportunities for the company
  • developing investment proposals for airports managers and owners (particularly, within a P3 model)

leading the interaction with company’s construction arm in the development of tailored technical solutions for capacity increase at North American airports

2.  Leading the execution of public tenders, either for P3s or airports lease under the Airport Improvement Program

3.  Identifying the commercial strategy for various airport business development targets

4.  Providing a critical and constructive approach in the development of aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues devised by the company’s airport business planning team

5.  Providing a critical and constructive approach to the design solutions and the Capex estimates provided by the company’s airport business planning team, construction arm and/or any external resource/party

Qualifications & Requirements

1.  High level of security

2.  Hands-on experience in delivering sizable terminal-expansion capital investment programs at U.S. airports

3.  Experienced in dealing with contactors (EPC contract negotiation)

4.  Relationships with U.S. legacy and low-cost carriers

5.  Network of relationships with senior management at mid and large-sized U.S. airports

6.  U.S. Citizen or 'green card'

7.  Able to communicate in a clear and efficient manner (fluent English essential)

North America
United States
Employment & Contract
Full-time & Part-time